vicki tesoro, first selectman


I pledged to be a First Selectman who actively seeks out differing points of view, who leads by example, who treats everyone with respect, who puts the Citizens first and Party second. That is what I will do. Let’s work together to create a community that does not divide us into groups but unites us in a common purpose to make this community better for all its citizens. 

Vicki’s Track Record

  • Inherited a budget that was out of balance by $2.8 million.  The budget that was given to her by Trumbull Republicans relied on a $1 million tipping fee that would have been passed on to Trumbull residents, as well as raiding the General Fund for $1.8 million.  Vicki Tesoro did not impose the tipping fee or raid the General Fund, and she did not increase taxes midyear.  Instead, spending was cut.

  • Proposed a budget for 2018-19 which prioritizes spending while keeping the tax increase below 2%, one of the lowest increases in years.

  • The Tesoro budget provides a 3.1% increase to the Board of Education, ensuring that Trumbull Public Schools will continue to receive the funding necessary to provide a great educational opportunity to every single student.

  • Vicki Tesoro and Trumbull Democrats proposed and passed legislation requiring a public comment period before Town Council meetings.

  • Returned Trumbull Day to its traditional time period at the end of June.

  • Brought back the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Town Hall, with 300 children participating.

  • Eliminated the toxic political atmosphere that characterized the last 8 years.  There is no more governing with a heavy hand.  No more political insults and partisan bluster.  The town comes first, before any partisan interests.